Portrait N&BAbout me

My name is Elodie, I grew up in Western France (in Rennes, the capital of Brittany).
I’ve been hooked on Photography for a very long time now.
Since I’ve started practicing photography, the look I’ve had upon the world has made me feel things differently.
I’ve taught myself for years, then the passion turned into something bigger, especially after my travels in America and England, and I decided to study Photography in Paris.

What I love about photography?

As for me, photography is the best tool into an artist’s arsenal to capture people’s emotions. It allows me to turn simple moments into spirited experiences.
Every time it’s a new challenge, and I try to catch the one moment when something special happens.
In each photographs, I give my personal touch with an original and poetic point of view, an attraction for details and emotions.
Photography is like telling beautiful stories… and your wedding is the most beautiful story I could tell with my pictures.

What about your wedding?

It’s going to be one of the most thrilling day you will ever experience.
Everything will go so fast that having your memories carved in pictures will remind you how unforgettable these moments were.
Being the witness of this beautiful moment and your trusted ally on this special day would be an honor for me.
The key is for us to be comfortable with each other. Be yourself. As natural as ever. I will capture every stages of the day (the love, the laughter, and sometimes the tears)
I’ll be there to immortalize your happiness and make it live forever.